Here is what HULIAU has to offer:

HULIAU is a contemporary Hawaiian dance company showcasing hula at its highest art form. HULIAU is noted for their innovative presentations. Artistic Director and Kumu Hula (Dance Master) Michael Pili Pang brings to the stage Hawaiian rituals, myths, and legends with a contemporary flare, to tell the stories of Hawaii'i and its rich culture. HULIAU performers have been trained through the dance school Hālau Hula Ka No'eau in the style called hula ku'i - a descriptive dance style which blends traditional hula with western idioms. Mr. Pang and his company have been a leader in Hawaiian dance theatre presentations throughout the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and Korea for the past decade. Don't miss this opportunity to experience HULIAU and the art of Hawaiian Dance.

the Ho'ike - Concert

Pahu A concert by HULIAU is a combination of cultural experience and artistic excellence. Hawaiian chant, music, poetry and the Hawaiian arts come together in this expressive form of hula where the history, myths, legendsm and the culture of Hawai'i, past and present, are told. Noted for his innovative presentation of hula, Artistic Director Michael Pili Pang has elevated this dance form into an artistic blend of tradition, authenticity and creativity. Dance pieces range from ritual ceremonies to honorific dances of Hawaiian rulers, legends, and myths of Hawaiian gods, to interpretive hula, "fusion" hula from the 1800's, to current day "post-hula 'auana".

the Ho'olaule'a - Festival Performance

Kawehi From the indigenous tribes of Taiwan, to the French quarters of Quèbec, HULIAU has been a part of cultural festivals representing the Hawaii and the United States. HULIAU works as "Ambassadors of Aloha" through their carefully crafted performances and cultural exchanges with other countries and cultural practitioners. Animated lectures, interactive performances, parades, and folkloric festivals are a perfect venue to share hula and cultural exchanges with others. Hawaiian crafts such as lei making, feather work, Hawaiian instrument making and music are part of the art form hula encompasses. HULIAU uses these art forms to open dialog and share the cultural practices of the Hawaiian Islands with others.

the Ho'olauna - Residency, Workshops, Lecture Demonstrations

Masterpiece School performances, master classes for all levels, college lectures, and panel discussions open the doors of interaction with the audience and local communities. As part of our mission to educate others on the art form of hula, educational components are encouraged by HULIAU as these activities help to promote the arts and build audiences. Specially created lecture demonstrations focus on hula as an intrinsic educational resource, highlighting dance ethnology, Hawaiian anthropology, geography, mythology, poetry, music, and culture. While enjoying a short "informance", participating audiences learn about Hawai'i, her people, culture, and history,

Technical Requirements for a Performance

Alternative spaces such as gyms and black box theatres are not to be excluded by the following requirements, if there is an adequate sound and lighting system available.

  • STAGE: a minimum 32 feet wide by 28 feet deep, useable clean performing space, a cyclorama and black scrim, black velour drapes, wings and masking, and complete sound systems and lighting capabilities
  • SOUND: Amp, pre-amp and mixer providing for separate mix of house and stage monitors; CD player; speakers for house and stage, hand-held microphone backstage, wireless body mics and/or floor mics. Additional equipment to be patched into the mixer may be required.
  • LIGHTING: A minimum of three overhead pipes, eight booms and boom stands for shin, mid, and high positions; front of house position for at least two color washes, a minimum of 60 usable lighting instruments, and a lighting board with at least 24 channels.
  • BACKSTAGE: A private dressing room area for men and women with mirrors, bathroom accessible, with adequate airconditioning or heating, ironing boards and irons.

For a complete list of technical requirements, please contact HULIAU management

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